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Ace VS

In short

This game is meant to be played by two players. Each of you control an airplane, one red, one blue. And both of you try to put as many holes in the opponent's ship as possible.

A level editor is included, with which you can create your own levels out of destructible walls, permanent walls and water tiles.

There are 3 kinds of powerups: Gun (makes you fire faster), Speed (makes you move faster) and Health (gives you some more health). Pretty obvious, huh.

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More accurate collision engine sometime in the future?

How to play

There are essentially two parts to this game, level creation and playing it.

Level creation is explained in-game. All of the levels are stored in the Levels-folder, which should be in the same place as the EXE-file. If you can't remember what levels you have, check there to see what they're called.

Playing the game is simple. Player 2 controls their aircraft with the arrow keys and fires their gun with shift. Player 1 uses the WASD keys and fires with control.

You can always return to the beginning by pressing backspace.


Known issues

  • When pushing against a wall and then rotating, either player will occasionally teleport through the wall.
  • There's no splash effect when you hit the water. Oh noes. Eye candy is vital. Due for next version.

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