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Pixelrain v1

In short

Probably the smallest space shooter game that our solar system has ever seen. If you have glasses, use them, or you may not notice the game has started.

You pilot a tiny ship against lots of red enemies (tiny and a bit bigger too), picking up upgrades along the way to help you.

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This is my first ever proper game, meaning it is in no way an illustration of the quality of my work in general. I'm a lot more experienced now, which is why I am working on a complete re-code of this game.

The new version will feature a much improved game engine, better looking graphics, more powerful weapon upgrades and loads more enemies. More information coming soon!

How to play

All the instructions are in the game. Just select Instructions from the main menu! It's easy to pick up.

For those interested, here's a screenshot of the game in the instructions screen anyhow.

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