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Legal Disclaimer thing

...because everyone else has one.

I promise that ...

... my files have no malicious code in them as far as I know.
... my uploads are checked thoroughly for malicious code.
... the password for updating this website is totally awesome and no-one else knows it.

BUT(big but)

Since the files are privately made and there's only so much I can do to make sure they don't bite you, I CANNOT PROVIDE ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE OF THEIR ABSOLUTE SAFETY. Only Chuck Norris can do that. For more information, contact Chuck Norris.

This means all you do with my game files, whether you play them or prefer to eat them or travel to Indonesia with them, it is your responsibility. If you come crying to me that they exploded when you put them in a tube of Swedish mustard, it doesn't make it any less your fault.

BUT(small but)

I love that you play my games, so please do, even though I have to say scary things like that. No-one likes trouble and this is just to prevent trouble.


Please see the More information page.

©2009 Antagames
Please ask me for permission, it's quite easy to get!